Constitution and By Laws



        We, the Communication students of De La Salle Lipa College, Lipa City, aware for the need for an association that will promote the personal and professionaldevelopment of the Communication students and that would unify and mobilize them to contribute to the attainment and furtherance of the school's mission and vision, do ordain and promulgate this Constitution.
Article I.  Organization's Official Name
        Sec.1 The organization shall be officially known as the Association of Communication Students of De La Salle Lipa ( ACTS-DLSL)

Article II. Goals and Objectives  
        As the student arm of the AB Communication Department. The Association seeks to:
                                                                                                                                                  Sec. 1   promote, encourage and support the development of each member,                                                                                                                                                              Sec. 2   initiate innovative students activities that will hone the talent, creativity, professional competence and technical skills of Commmunication students,
        Sec. 3   assist DLSL in realizing its mission and vision through active involvement in all school-sponsored activities where the help / participation of ACTS memebers will be tapped,
        Sec. 4   foster unity and facilitate a working cooperation among members, between  ACTS and other organizations  and other student and professional organizations and between  ACTS and other student and professional  organizations outside DLSL,
        Sec. 5   actively participate in the school's community involvement activities.

Article III.   Membership
        Sec.1  All Communication students automatically become a member of the organization upon completion of the requirements set by the incumbent
        Sec.2  Every member shall have the following rights and responsibilities:
                 a.  The right to vote and run for position in the organization and to vote on decision items presented for voting to the general assembly.
                 b.  The right to be informed of all the decisions and undertakings of the organization, and to participate in activities, as determined by the
                       officers concerned.
                 c.  Obligation to attend compulsary activities set by the Organization.

  Article  IV.  Organization Structure
         Sec.1  The ruling body of the organization is the ACTS Executive Board whose members will be elected by the membership during the elections set by  the Commission on Election under the Council of Student Organization.  Each member of the executive board shall hold office for one (1) school year.
         Sec.2  The ACTS  Executive Board shall be composed of the President, Vice Presidents ( for concern and grievances, for activities and public relations)
 Secretary, Treasurer and Auditor.
         Sec.3  The Central Committee shall be composed of the ACTS Executive Board, and the class mayors of all Communication classes, the Chairpersons
 of different ACTS guilds and the ACTS adviser.

 Article V.  Officers and their Duties And Responsibilities
         Sec.1 Qualifications of officership:
                 a. must be a bonafide member of the organization
                 b. must not have any faililng grades two (2) semesters prior to the election
          Sec.2  The President shall:
                 a. represent the society in occasions which require such representation
                 b. preside over all meetings of officers and the members
                 c. exercise general supervision over the affairs of the organization
                 d. execute in behalf of the organization all agreements it may enter into upon approval of the ACTS adviser
                 e. create temporary committee and appoint chairman or chairwoman for each committee
                 f.  implement and oversee the accomplishement of the society's goals and objectives (refer to article 2)
                 g. perform other duties germaine to the position and as the adviser may direct
       Sec. 3    The Vice-President for Activities shall:
                  a.  be vested with all the powers and authorities of, and required to perform all the duties and functions of the President during the absence
        or  incapacity of the latter for any cause.
                   b.  make sure that the organization is able to comply with the requirements and rules and regulations set by the S.A.O and the C.S.O.
                   c.  prepare the Program of Activities (P.O.A) and take charge of other post-activity requirements.
                   d.  perform other duties as the President and the Adviser may direct.
       Sec. 4     The Vice-President for Public Relations shall:
                   a. represent the organization in activities outside DLSL.
                   b. establish good working relations with the general public and groups outside DLSL.
                   c.  act as spokesperson for the organization.
                   d.  spearhead all promotions of the organization’s activities.
                   e.  perform other duties as the president and the adviser may direct.
         Sec. 5     The Secretary shall:
                   a.  keep full minutes of all meetings
                   b.  keep all records of the meeting
                   c.  give all written notices, including notice of meeting to concerned officers.
                   d.  submit narrative report, monthly report and other reports required by the S.A.O. and C.S.O.
                   e.  perform other duties as the President and the adviser may direct.
         Sec.6     The Treasurer shall:
                     a.  have custody of, and be responsible for, all funds of the organization and keep a complete and accurate record of recipients and disbursements in the corresponding books of account of the organization.
                     b. coordinate with the Class Treasurer of each AB Comm class for the collection of necessary dues.
                     c. furnish financial reports for every activity.
                     d. perform other duties as President and the adviser may direct.
            Sec.7     The Auditor shall:
                      a. conduct monthly auditing of the funds of the organization.
                      b. post auditing reports together with the financial reports of the treasurer upon approval of the President.
                      c. perform other duties as President and the adviser may direct.
            Sec.8  The Class Leader shall:
                       a. make sure the section they represent is informed of all the activities of the organization.
                       b. Promote and encourage full participation of his/her class in the activities of the organization.
                       c. Perform duties as the ACTS Executive Board may direct.
           Sec. 9 The term of the office of the ACTS Executive Board is for one (1) school year and begins upon their election.
Article VI   ACTS Guilds
         To provide members with more focus on their chosen communications field(s), and to encourage greater participation and involvement among the  members in the different activities of the organization, the following guilds were put up:
         Sec.1 The Photography Guild
                Intended for members who have passion for still photography, in capturing and reliving events through capturing images. The members are to help in the coverage and documentation of different AB Comm. activities and to come up with a Photo Exhibit at the end of every semester.
        Sec.2 The Theater Guild
                For members whose interest is in the field of performing arts particularly stage production. The members are expected to stage a major theatrical production at the end of every school year.
        Sec. 3 The Film and Video Production Guild
                A guild for movie buffs and enthusiasts. Members will be exposed to the basics of filmmaking through film viewing and lectures from invited filmmakers. The members are challenged to come up with a short film or a documentary that touches Batangueños sensitivity or that promotes positive Filipino values.
        Sec. 4 The Radio Guild
                Members will take turns in being announcers / Disc Jocks in the DLSL Campus radio. They will also be in charge of the over-all operation of the radio station.
        Sec.5 The Writers' Guild
                For the members who are obsessed with the pen. The members will be in charge of the association’s semestral newsletter, the College’s monthly information Bits, and they may also come up with a literary folio featuring the creative works of AB Comm. Students and faculty.
      Sec. 6 The Advertising Guild
                For those who are fascinated with television commercials and are attracted with glossy magazine print ads. Members will be busy preparing advertising materials such as posters, tarpaulins, and radio spots for the different activities and projects of the ACTS.
     Sec.7 The Communicators for Social Change and Mobilization (Social Action Guild)
                Members will serve as the social action arm of “heart” of the department. They are supposed to come up with outreach projects intended for groups outside the DLSL. They intended to make people intelligent media consumers through Media Education.
 Article VII  Meetings
     Sec.1 meetings are classified into:
               a. General Assemblies – all members of the organization shall be convened regularly or as may be directed by the ACTS Executive Board.
               b.  Executive Board Meeting – held monthly
               c.  Central Committee Meeting
               d.  Emergency / Special Meeting
 Article 8  Adviser
       Sec.1 The department Chairperson of the AB Communication Department of De La Salle Lipa College shall be the ACTS adviser. In the event he cannot accept the position, he shall designate a Communication professor and act him to be the organization’s adviser. The adviser shall coordinate with the Student Activities Office and will see to it that all activities of the association conform with the rules and regulations of the institution.
Article 9 Vacancies
    Sec. 1 Any vacancy in the presidency, vice presidency, the position of the secretary, treasurer, auditor and PRO shall be filled through a special election called for the purpose.
Article X  Impeachment, Expulsion, Suspension and Sanctions
    Sec.1 any officer or member of ACTS Central Committee may be impeached for willful violation of the Constitution and Bylaws and or for the gross neglect of duties by an affirmative vote of three-fourths of the Central Committee.
    Sec. 2 Any member may be suspended or expelled from the organization for willful violation of the constitution and bylaws by affirmative vote of the majority of Executive Board. Decision for suspension or expulsion shall depend upon the degree of the offense.
   Sec. 3 Any officer or member charged shall be given a prior notice of one week of the complaints against him/her and shall be given opportunity to defend himself/herself at a general meeting of the Executive Board called for the purpose.
   Sec.4 For suspension, the period covered must not exceed forty-five (45) days.
    Sec.1 This constitution may be amended by the two-thirds vote of the central committee.
    Sec.2  Any member of the organization may propose amendments to the constitution and bylaws, in writing. The said proposal shall be forwarded to the Central Committee for its approval or disapproval.
    Sec.1 This constitution and bylaws shall take effect upon ratification by the Central Committee with the approval of the adviser and or the department chair. 


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